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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaccomplishmentac‧com‧plish‧ment /əˈkʌmplɪʃmənt $ əˈkɑːm-, əˈkʌm-/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable]DO something successful or impressive that is achieved after a lot of effort and hard work syn achievementimpressive/significant/great etc accomplishment Cutting the budget was an impressive accomplishment. It was a major accomplishment for a player who had been injured so recently.2 [uncountable]DO the act of finishing or achieving something goodaccomplishment of the accomplishment of policy goals3 [countable, uncountable]DO an ability to do something well, or the skill involved in doing something well Playing the piano is one of her many accomplishments.
Examples from the Corpus
accomplishmentHowever well rehearsed this was, it was quite an accomplishment considering that their teacher was self-taught.The living explain new developments, emphasizing accomplishments, to the dead.Fishing was the latest accomplishment which Miles thought the young executive should not be without.The establishment of full diplomatic relations with China was a major accomplishment of the Carter administration.Successful candidates usually have a strong record of accomplishment in paid and unpaid work.For that short time in the early fifties, we were normal-undistinguished by circumstances, expectations, or accomplishments.The team's undefeated run this year is an outstanding accomplishment.Murray's accomplishments in this book are significant.Yet does this ground-breaking technical accomplishment make it the best there's ever been?The Society is giving a dinner for top businesswomen, to reward and recognize their accomplishments.Four years of hard work and verifiable accomplishment in high school are negated by a 3 hour, multiple choice test.impressive/significant/great etc accomplishmentBut the fact that Internet broadcasting could be done at all seemed a great accomplishment.Flint is good-and an impressive accomplishment for a first novel-but it ain't that good.In addition to getting the university kick-started, Stacy cites his greatest accomplishment as hiring a top-rate faculty.Impressing people is not a particularly great accomplishment in and of itself.That was the greatest accomplishment of my life.
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