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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaccoutrementsac‧cou‧tre‧ments /əˈkuːtrəmənts/ (also accouterments /əˈkuːtəmənts $ -tər-/ American English) noun [plural]  THING formal the equipment needed for a particular activity or way of life the stylish accoutrements of an English country gentleman
Examples from the Corpus
accoutrementsRain, fog and mist are the acceptable accoutrements of northern gales.The room, with its unusual decor and accoutrements, was always kept locked.Each vied with others in the number of his retainers, the magnificence of his robes and accoutrements.Again, the undertaker offered two choices to the client: outright purchase of all the accoutrements or the hire thereof.How he loved these accoutrements of the game.Children whose entire existence has been saturated with these accoutrements reached college age during the 1990s.You had an Instruction Book, all your various accoutrements at home.
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