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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacetoneac‧e‧tone /ˈæsətəʊn $ -toʊn/ noun [uncountable]  a clear liquid with a strong smell, used for cleaning surfaces, making paint more liquid, or for making other chemical substances
Examples from the Corpus
acetoneCold water washes off fresh emulsion paint, and acetone removes cellulose.However, the cheapest and most useful solvent for laboratory use is commercial grade acetone.Too much acetone will cause wrinkling, too little will cause air bells.Since Polygas comprises a small amount of acetone in carbon dioxide, the danger from an accidental release is low.Place the acetate film gently across the lower margin of the specimen where a pool of acetone will have collected.If a man drinks only an alcohol made from paint or varnish or polish or acetone then he will dream of vodka.If you still don't believe me, try asking what acetone is.
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