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Achilles' heel

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishAchilles' heelA·chil·les' heel /əˌkɪliːz ˈhiːl/ noun [countable]  FAULT/something WRONGa weak part of someone’s character, which could cause them to fail at something I think Frank’s vanity is his Achilles' heel.
Examples from the Corpus
Achilles' heelThe team's offense is their Achilles' heel.But, as at Loch Lomond, it was the hotel that was to prove the development's Achilles' heel.Cara had one very big Achilles' heel - Barnaby Stewart.Decoys that can confuse the homing sensor in the interceptor are the Achilles' heel of this system.If not correctly understood it can be the Achilles' heel of a complicated chain of investigations.It was her Achilles' heel.Marketing traditionally has been an Achilles' heel for phone companies because of their monopoly mind-set.
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