Date: 1600-1700
Language: French
Origin: acide, from Latin acidus, from acere 'to be sour'


2 adjective
Related topics: Tastes
1CT having a sharp sour taste [= bitter]:
a juicy apple with a slightly acid flavour

acid remark/comment/tone etc

an acid remark uses humour in an unkind way to criticize someone:
I was expecting another of his acid remarks, but he remained silent.

the acid test

a way of finding out whether something is as good as people say it is, whether it works, or whether it is true:
People ask if the team is good enough. This match will be the acid test.
4 technicalTAS an acid soil does not contain much lime1 (3):
Blueberry bushes need a very acid soil.
acidly adverb
acidity noun [uncountable]

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