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acneac‧ne /ˈækni/ noun [uncountable]  MIa medical problem which causes a lot of red spots on your face and neck and mainly affects young people
Examples from the Corpus
acneAlthough most frequent between ages 11 and 30, acne can persist for many years.Tim had very bad acne when he was in his teens.It's not dirt that causes acne.Antibiotics are also prescribed for acne treatment and need to be given for several months at a time to be effective.Q: My teen-age daughter has acne that has gotten worse despite various diets and the vigorous use of different soaps.The baby never has colic, thrush, diaper rash, infant acne, or cradle cap.Now that you know what they did to deserve their acne, it should be easy.Her short red hair was crudely shaped in a wedge and her pallid cheeks and small chin were peppered with unsightly acne.An affected young man with acne ordered me curtly to get out.
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