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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacquaintedac‧quaint‧ed /əˈkweɪntɪd/ ●○○ adjective [not before noun]  1 if you are acquainted with someone, you have met them a few times but do not know them very wellacquainted with Were you acquainted with a friend of mine, Daniel Green? We would like to get better acquainted.2 be acquainted with something
Examples from the Corpus
acquaintedSo for that reason the two must be introduced to each other and become acquainted.Strange canine characters are pleased to get acquainted and never have you been more popular.You had a month to become acquainted with her on Rhodes.He'd become acquainted with her only hours before the hearing and would forget her minutes afterwards.We have to become acquainted with the manifestations of fear before we can break its grip.The councillor should become acquainted with the principal officers from whom he can gain a considerable amount of information and help.
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