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acrobatac‧ro‧bat /ˈækrəbæt/ noun [countable]  DSAPsomeone who entertains people by doing difficult physical actions such as walking on their hands or balancing on a high rope, especially at a circus
Examples from the Corpus
acrobatApparently he was something of an acrobat as well.But times are hard, and bands of itinerant jugglers and acrobats have gone before them, picking the villages clean.Here are acrobats, storytellers, letter writers, snake charmers and teeth pullers.The story ends at a funeral, hovered over by a surreal balloon, from which hangs a fancied female acrobat.Stage acts include acrobats, musicians and puppeteers.You know, like acrobats do, head tucked in and roll over.Something that didn't involve dangerous musicians and mad acrobats.They love the flying trapeze acrobat who dances and swings operated only by sand.
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