Date: 1200-1300
Language: Anglo-French
Origin: an crois 'in cross'


adverb, preposition
a‧cross S1 W1
1 from one side of something to the other:
the first flight across the Atlantic
They ran straight across the road (=without stopping).
We'll have to swim across.
We'd got halfway across before Philip realized he'd left his money at home.
We gazed across the valley.
2 towards someone or something on the other side of an area:
There's Brendan. Why don't you go across and say hello?
across to/at
The referee looked across at his linesman before awarding the penalty.
He walked across to where I was sitting.
3 used to say that something exists or reaches from one side of an area to the other:
a deep crack across the ceiling
the only bridge across the river
Do you think this shirt is too tight across the shoulders?
Someone's parked right across the entrance to the driveway.
4 on the opposite side of something:
My best friend lives across the road.
He knew that just across the border lay freedom.
across (something) from somebody/something
Across the street from where we're standing, you can see the old churchyard.
the woman sitting across from me (=opposite me) on the train
5 in every part of a country, organization etc:
a TV series that became popular across five continents
Teachers are expected to teach a range of subjects right across the curriculum.
6 used to show how wide something is
10 feet/five metres etc across
The river is 2 km across.

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