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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacross-the-boardaˌcross-the-ˈboard, across the board adjective, adverb  EVERYONEaffecting everyone or everything in a situation or organization an across-the-board pay increase In July everything we sell is reduced right across the board.
Examples from the Corpus
across-the-boardan across-the-board pay increase
across the boardacross the boardEVERYONEif something happens or is done across the board, it affects everyone in a particular group, place etc The changes will affect local authorities across the board. We find jobs for people right across the board, from chief executives to cleaners. board
Examples from the Corpus
across the boardThey decided on a pay increase of 10% across the board.The two main aims were achieved across the board.The departures screen Grand Central Station was no help, reading cancelled across the board because schedules were too tentative to post.State education spending began to drop under the Dukakis administration in 1988, when huge budget deficits caused cutbacks across the board.The cumulative results impressively followed suit, and that improvement could be found across the board.Jobs will be lost across the board, in manufacturing, marketing, and administration.Tariffs will be lowered across the board, but some industries will be protected for another 15 years.The changes will cause problems right across the board.The changes, if reported correctly, will cause problems right across the board.Sunlight came into the room, slanting across the boards in languid diamonds.They're cutting 10% of their staff across the board.In the end, the only system that works well, across the board, is the one that involves perfect imitation.
From Longman Business Dictionaryacross the boardaˌcross the ˈboard (also across-the-board) adjectiveECONOMICS affecting everyone or everything in an organization or situationThey have agreed to production cuts as long as they are across the board.Nursing unions are demanding a 4% across-the-board pay increase.across the board adverbJobs will be lost across the board in manufacturing.
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