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acrylicsa‧cryl‧ics /əˈkrɪlɪks/ noun [plural]  AVPacrylic paints
Examples from the Corpus
acrylicsThe ambitious show includes paintings in oils and acrylics, and monotypes on paper.And in the midst of all this feverish activity -- the fast-drying acrylics force him to work quickly -- a picture emerges.Plastics in the Age of Mrs Robinson is acrylics in ours.The development of liquid acrylics expands the possibilities further.Liquid acrylics can open up a whole new world of possibilities.Similarly, Colescott paints big, lush narrative acrylics on canvas, hard-hitting narrative works that travel across time and history.The acrylics are treated as watercolours.For the remainder of the painting I use acrylics.
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