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action group/committee etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaction group/committee etcaction group/committee etcSSOa group formed to change a social or political situation – often used in names the Child Poverty Action Group action
Examples from the Corpus
action group/committee etcThey've formed an action committee to try to recover the funds.Under the Apostolic listing are prison visiting, family contacts, catechism classes, Catholic action groups and Sunday schools.Members of a local action group say this isn't good enough.Traffickers have become a political action committee.Members of political action committees might have hoped for a little breather before being hit up again for money.Political action committees, which are more active in congressional races, represented only 2 percent of the presidential campaign coffers.A shareholders action committee has been formed to see if any value can be obtained.Outhwaite names' champion Peter Nutting is to head a new working party to co-ordinate syndicate action groups.
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