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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaction-packedˌaction-ˈpacked adjective  EXCITEDan action-packed film, book etc contains a lot of exciting events
Examples from the Corpus
action-packedThe gameplay should have been a lot more action-packed.another action-packed adventure movie starring Harrison FordKids will love this action-packed adventure movie.You've chosen San Antonio, simply because it's the centre of all that's action-packed and lively.The pans scrubbed, ready for another action-packed day.But her own life was often stranger than any action-packed fiction plot.We provide action-packed holidays for children including riding, sailing, rock-climbing, and canoeing.Arnie may not win many Oscars, but the big guy's action-packed movies sure make great computer games.We need people each month to help us in our lively, action-packed office.The book has an action-packed plot dealing with life during the Civil War.To put this project into perspective, it is essential to examine Mary's short, but action-packed sailing career.Promotion would be a perfect end-of-season bonus for Lawrence after an action-packed season.
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