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active/passive voice

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishactive/passive voiceactive/passive voicetechnical the form of a verb that shows whether the subject of a sentence does an action or has an action done to it voice
Examples from the Corpus
active/passive voiceExplain the difference between the passive and active voice and wordy and concise word use as objectively as possible.Truth: Passive and active voice address a structural issue only-the relationship between the actor and the action in the sentence.In the active voice the subject of the sentence does the action.In the passive voice the subject does not do the action: it suffers the action.This hypothesis requires further analysis of the passive voice before it can be considered confirmed however.Secrets of the Passive Voice Revealed!Use only the active voice for procedures and employ it as much as possible for descriptions and operations.But, serious accidents can happen along the way when you use the passive voice.
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