Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: activus, from agere; ACT1


1 adjective
Related topics: Chemistry, Grammar
ac‧tive1 S2 W2


always busy doing things, especially physical activities [≠ inactive]:
games for active youngsters
She's over 80, but is still very active.
active life/lifestyle
My father always led a very active life.
active mind/imagination
a child with a very active imagination


involved in an organization or activity and doing lots of practical things to achieve your aims:
He became politically active at college.
be active in (doing) something
The Bureau is active in promoting overseas investment.
take/play an active part/role in something
Encourage students to take an active part in discussions.
She took an active interest in local charities.
active participation/involvement
the importance of active participation by elderly people in the life of the community
We're taking active steps (=doing practical things) to deal with the problem.
We maintain active links with other European universities.


operating in a way that is normal or expected [≠ inactive]:
The virus is active even at low temperatures.

doing something

doing something regularly:


an active volcano is likely to explode at any time:
The volcano became active last year with a series of eruptions.


SLG an active verb or sentence has the person or thing doing the action as its subject. In 'The boy kicked the ball', the verb 'kick' is active passive1 (2)


producing a chemical reaction:
nicotine, the active ingredient in tobacco
actively adverb:
Carol was actively involved in the local sports club.

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