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actressac‧tress /ˈæktrɪs/ ●●● W3 noun [countable]  APa woman who performs in a play or filmsee thesaurus at actor
Examples from the Corpus
actressDandridge was the first black to receive a best actress Oscar nomination.Someday, she was going to be a famous actress, Gladys said.Julia Roberts is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood.At Elstree a quite famous actress got in, and cooed a bit to Heather until we got to London.Rachel Gray might be an outstandingly good actress but many actor-managers preferred to have a lesser actress and less temperament.Capucine, the French movie actress whose leading roles included one with Peter Sellers in 'The Pink Panther', died after falling from a window.One of the few surprises came when Marcia Gay Harden won the best supporting actress award for her acclaimed performance in Pollock.
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