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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishacutelya‧cute‧ly /əˈkjuːtli/ ●○○ adverb  VERYfeeling or noticing something very stronglyacutely aware/conscious (of/that) Students are becoming acutely aware that they need more than just paper qualifications. acutely embarrassed
Examples from the Corpus
acutelyI am acutely aware of a further objection.He was acutely aware of everything that had gone on in front of the then roaring fire.Katherine was suddenly acutely aware that he sounded boyish, happy.acutely ill patientsIn Washington his face became so acutely inflamed and swollen that he sought out a local physician.In February 1974, they feared acutely that a Labour victory would reverse their achievement.acutely aware/conscious (of/that)It reveals instead a man who is acutely aware of his image.I stood four-eleven and weighed ninety-two pounds, and was suddenly acutely aware of it.Theda was therefore acutely conscious of one gentleman, rather stout and red of face.However, education officials were still acutely aware of the cost in time and money of vandalism.Floyd became acutely aware of the gigantic forces coiled up around him, waiting to be released.A conveyancer must be acutely conscious of the problems a conflict of interest might impose.Since the baby nurse had arrived, Kramer had also become acutely aware of the way his wife talked.The presence of the baby nurse had made him and Rhoda acutely aware of what a dump they lived in.
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