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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadad /æd/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable]  informal an advertisementclassified adsee thesaurus at advertisement
Examples from the Corpus
adI saw an advert for some cheap furniture in our local paper.We put an ad in 'The Times' and got a terrific response.an ad campaignHomeless children scrounge for spare change, and newspapers carry ads from people offering their kidneys for cash.This will spark rounds of attack and counterattack ads.He finds that job ads placed in prominent papers like the Financial Times serve him well.She had started her acting career by doing shampoo ads on TV.The campaign believes the best way to reach independents is through more television ads.Look for what is not included in the main body of the ad.Is this ad for Absolut Vodka for real?
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ADAD British English, A.D. American English /ˌeɪ ˈdiː/ ●●○  TMC (Anno Domini) used to show that a date is a particular number of years after the birth of Christ syn CE, → BC the first century AD 54 AD
From Longman Business Dictionaryadad /æd/ noun [countable]MARKETING an informal word for ADVERTISEMENT SYN advert BrEOut of every 77 TV ads, one is for beer. small ad teaser ad see note at advertisement
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