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Adam's apple

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Adam's appleˌAdam’s ˈapple / $ ˈ.. ˌ../ noun [countable]  HBHthe lump at the front of your neck that moves when you talk or swallow
Examples from the Corpus
Adam's appleA soldier tried to shove a bayonet into his throat, but the steel buckled against his adam's apple superconductor.Over his not entirely clean white collar you could see his Adam's apple thumping.Gum Boots would have swallowed if he could have stopped his Adam's apple from rushing up and down his neck.His face was small and his head no bigger than his Adam's apple.His Adam's apple went into convulsions every time he swallowed and his lips were unusually full.The sinewy neck and its prominent adam's apple, the all-too-heavy make-up, the pronounced muscles on the legs and arms.Probably female; neck smooth, no real Adam's apple.
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