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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadamantad‧a‧mant /ˈædəmənt/ adjective  DETERMINEDdetermined not to change your opinion or a decision that you have made She begged me to change my mind, but I remained adamant.adamant that Madonna is adamant that she will not tour this year.adamantly adverb Britain is adamantly opposed to the new directive.
Examples from the Corpus
adamantTo this day, Matthews is adamant about his innocence.Old-timers were very adamant about which medicines worked for them and which did not.The man in the shop was adamant. "Definitely not, " he said.Nicolson was always adamant in his belief that his films did not encourage drug-taking.Nicholson was always quite adamant in his own mind that his films did not encourage drug taking.The Prime Minister was adamant on this point.The Salinas government is adamant that a large devaluation would be both damaging and unnecessary.Stevens is adamant that Golding and his council colleagues have failed to address prejudice in city government.Taylor was adamant that she was not going to quit.The commission says it's adamant that the public will have the final say.remained adamantFor two years critics argued that nuclear power stations should not be included in the sale, but the government remained adamant.Part of her could barely believe what she was about to do; but the stronger part remained adamant.They asked again, but he remained adamant.He maintained his refusal to comment on the polls, and remained adamant he would never do deals on proportional representation.Her parents remained adamant, so much so that they consulted Granny Patin concerning the wording on their daughter's tombstone.Other researchers, however, remained adamant that there are few if any gender differences in management.Although he pathetically offered me an apology, I remained adamant until we struck a compromise.
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