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add(ed) to that/this

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadd(ed) to that/thisadd(ed) to that/thisADDused to introduce another fact that supports your opinion Our hospitals are short of cash. Add to that the long hours doctors work, and you have a recipe for disaster. add
Examples from the Corpus
add(ed) to that/thisToday's sentence will be added to that.New words can not be added to this class - hence its name.In some patients, a course of steroids may be added to this drug.To add to that, he hated her for what he thought she was doing to his sister.Little new material about research in the field has been added to this new edition.Other dimensions could be added to this scheme.Of course, many details could be added to this simple description, but the account offered does capture the general idea.Spend some time with Ariel and his magic if you want to add to this tale.
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