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add weight to something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadd weight to somethingadd weight to somethingif something adds weight to an argument, idea etc, it makes it strongeradd weight to the suggestion/idea etc Recent research adds weight to the theory that the climate is changing. add
Examples from the Corpus
add weight to somethingThree strengths of the study add weight to its conclusions.You can change the center of gravity by adding weight to one part of the object.Does the tone and content of source C add weight to Snowden's argument? 11.Perhaps the enormous anti-Gorbachev demonstrations in Moscow do add weight to that particular reaction.The function of the double bassoon is to add weight to the bass.The device of a court of five judges was adopted to add weight to the reconsideration of the earlier cases.Opposition leaders said the killing added weight to their demands for a change in government.
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