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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaddedad‧ded /ˈædɪd/ ●○○ adjective  MORE/EXTRAin addition to what is usual or expected syn extra cereal with added vitamins no added sugaradded advantage/bonus/benefit etc The system has the added advantage of recordable DVD drives. Include people in your picture for added interest.added difficulty/problem etc Our yard is only small, and has the added disadvantage of facing north. It may not be necessary to go to the added expense of updating your anti-virus software.
Examples from the Corpus
addedFood giant Hillsdown Holdings added 8p to 130p after a maintained dividend forecast and boardroom shake-up.In all departments staff who show added ability will be given training and promotion.The new computer is as good as the old one, with the added advantage of being smaller.An added bonus of holding your wedding reception at home is the lower cost.The result is added comfort to your game.The element of risk gave it an added excitement.We now have the added expense of having two kids in college.In the imagination, of course, there is an added pleasure from recognition of the resemblance between the imitation and the original.By contrast older established partners may be less keen on expansion in view of the added pressures it will produce.Buy a high-factor sun lotion, and wear a hat for added protection.Now, they say, future battles will be waged on features and added value.added advantage/bonus/benefit etcA theatrical release would have been an added bonus.The truly neat Cal Schenkel cover is an added bonus, by the way.An added benefit is that rabbits are commonly raised without the use of hormones or steroids to promote growth.And that would have the added advantage of being able to hop from one creature to another.The kana syllabaries have more or less the same advantages plus the added advantage of being much smaller in size.This strategy has the added benefit of helping you get ready to escape the emptiness and find a new job.This tactic had the added advantage of lining us up with the village where the jeep would be waiting.This has the added advantage of making a nice contrast to the night scenes in the previous sequence.
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