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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishaddendumad‧den‧dum /əˈdendəm/ noun (plural addenda /-də/ or addendums) [countable]  something you add to the end of a speech or book to change it or give more informationaddendum to an addendum to section 4
Examples from the Corpus
addendumHis job included enlisting Justin Kaplan to write the introduction and working with Victor Doyno on the textual foreword and addendum.To date, the Planning Department has refused the request, choosing instead to prepare a brief addendum.I follow this letter with the addendum duly signed for your attention.
From Longman Business Dictionaryaddendumad‧den‧dum /əˈdendəm/ noun (plural addenda /-də [countable]/) something that is added at the end of a report or other document to give more informationThe details are given in an addendum to section 4 of the report.
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