1 noun
ad‧dress1 S2 W2
1 [countable] the details of the place where someone lives or works, that you use to send them letters, emails etc:
Please write your name and address on a postcard.
What's your new address?
I can give you the address of a good attorney.
home/private/website etc address
My email address is on my business card.
Please notify us of any change of address.
I can't find my address book (=a book or place on a computer where you keep a list of people's addresses).
a 25-year-old man of no fixed address (=no permanent home)
2 [countable] a formal speech that someone makes to a group of people
address to
an address to the European parliament
presidential/inaugural etc address
The new President delivered his inaugural address in Creole.

form/mode/style of address

the correct title or name that you should use when speaking or writing to someone

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