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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadeptad‧ept /ˈædept, əˈdept $ əˈdept/ adjective  GOOD ATgood at something that needs care and skill syn skilfuladept at Melissa quickly became adept at predicting his moods.adept in Silas proved adept in the art of avoiding potholes in the road. I’m afraid she’s also an adept liar.adept /ˈædept/ noun [countable] a form of kung fu practiced by only a handful of adeptsadeptly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
adeptMany are highly adept at adding up their calorie intake.Of all our staff, Peter is the most adept at dealing with difficult customers.At the same time, he became adept at nurturing his image as a tormented rebel in touch with primal truths.Slowly, the teacher enables the student to become more adept at putting forth effort for longer periods of time.Dole has been more adept at seizing photo opportunities in his out-of-town forays.Jim Keith was particularly adept at this, and everybody sought his advice.McCrea was equally adept in comedy and drama.
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