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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadherencead‧her‧ence /ədˈhɪərəns $ -ˈhɪr-/ noun [uncountable]  BEHAVEwhen someone behaves according to a particular rule, belief, principle etcadherence to adherence to democratic principlesstrict/rigid/slavish adherence strict adherence to Judaic law
Examples from the Corpus
adherenceNeither abstinence from drugs nor blind adherence to unjust laws are necessarily consistent with those values.Here it is the State that employs a flag as a symbol of adherence to government as presently organized.Exclusion of one third of the electorate does violence to all that we pretend by our adherence to democracy.What made Reagan extraordinary, beyond his communicative skills, was his resolute adherence to core beliefs.Deep anxiety may cause obsessive behaviour, fanaticism or a strict adherence to religion for the wrong reasons.A further cause for unease is that adherence to a free market philosophy combined with reduced taxation has increased economic inequality.adherence toPrincipal Harris demands strict adherence to the rules.
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