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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadherentad‧her‧ent /ədˈhɪərənt $ -ˈhɪr-/ noun [countable]  SUPPORT A PERSON, GROUP, OR PLANsomeone who supports a particular belief, plan, political party etcadherent of adherents of the Greek Orthodox Churchadherent to The anti-globalization movement is attracting new adherents to its principles.
Examples from the Corpus
adherentHe was beheaded by them, and replaced by an adherent of the Lords Ordainers.Appeals for support of a new revolutionary movement, therefore, gained relatively few adherents.The doctrine convinced its adherents that natural selection worked.For Suzuki adherents, music is an inclination innate in all of us.Nor could we expect the adherents of each approach to treat any anomaly as a reason for rejecting it.Both have their adherents, among writers and among readers.This phrase is a clue, becoming a means whereby adherents of the same movement can be identified.Even the slightest interface aspect could trigger a heated debate, with adherents of opposing solutions arguing with near-Jesuitical intensity.
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