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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadjunctad‧junct /ˈædʒʌŋkt/ noun [countable]  1 ADDsomething that is added or joined to something that is bigger or more importantadjunct to Online instruction is a useful adjunct to the real thing.2 technical an adverbial word or phrase that adds information to another part of a sentence. In ‘They arrived on Sunday’, ‘on Sunday’ is an adjunct.
Examples from the Corpus
adjunctThe administration viewed colony activities and behavior as an adjunct of a life isolated from the wider society.Some athletes use hypnotic and suggestive techniques as an adjunct to visualization and mental practice.The younger generation is used to Computer Assisted Learning and other modern technology which is an adjunct to learning.The main clause elements are subject, predicator, object, complement, and adjunct.Or social activities and institutions may be an important adjunct of study - as with many professional courses.adjunct toMedication can be a useful adjunct to physical therapy.
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