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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadjustablead‧just‧a‧ble /əˈdʒʌstəbəl/ adjective  CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTsomething that is adjustable can be changed or moved slightly to make it suitable for different purposes an adjustable spanner
Examples from the Corpus
adjustablean adjustable desk lampUnlike most modern packs, the Big Top has an adjustable hip belt instead of an adjustable shoulder harness.Some one had brought the adjustable lectern and set it up perfectly but not bothered to find out the heights of the speakers.Meanwhile, the average adjustable mortgage rate rose to 5. 48 percent from 5. 45 percent a week earlier.The rudder pedals are adjustable on both sides.An adjustable plate stand is $ 33.He had hoped to switch from a 8. 25 percent adjustable to a 15-year fixed under 7. 5 percent.These various elements appear in adjustable windows; highlight a word or phrase, and the stuff in each module changes.
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