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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadjustmentad‧just‧ment /əˈdʒʌstmənt/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable, uncountable]  1 CHANGE/MAKE something DIFFERENTa small change made to a machine, system, or calculationadjustment for Once we make the adjustments for inflation, the fall in interest rates is quite small.adjustment to a slight adjustment to the mechanismminor/slight adjustment It just needs a few minor adjustments.2 CHANGE FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHERa change in the way that someone behaves or thinks a period of adjustmentadjustment to her adjustment to her new role
Examples from the Corpus
adjustmentTwo decades of crushing debt and adjustment programmes have had a significant hand in perpetuating this tragedy.Moving to the city has been a difficult adjustment for us.The serious aerial photographer will be looking for adjustment through vertical and horizontal axes so that the field of view is precise.Before anything else, however, let's do some image adjustment.Manual adjustment of the model was carried out at intervals of the refinement.I've made a few very minor adjustments to the decor, but in general it was excellent.The room was full of dancers, all making last-minute adjustments to their costumes.Even then there were elements of adjustment.There will be an initial period of adjustment.We've had to make some adjustments to out original calculations.minor/slight adjustmentTurn off the water supply before carrying out repairs, unless it's just a minor adjustment to the float arm.Almost every major evaluation study has led to minor adjustment or substantial change.period of adjustmentA period of adjustment will be required as the role of support workers is properly identified and established.
From Longman Business Dictionaryadjustmentad‧just‧ment /əˈdʒʌstmənt/ noun [countable, uncountable]1a change that is made to something in order to correct or improve itWe have made an adjustment to our target.Grants are to be slashed by 33%, after adjustment for inflation. cost of living adjustment debt adjustment2INSURANCE the agreement between an INSURER and someone who has claimed on their insurance over the amount that will be paid, or the amount itselfWe are still waiting for the adjustment to be paid.
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