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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadmirerad‧mir‧er /ədˈmaɪərə $ -ˈmaɪrər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 ADMIRE literary someone who likes a person and thinks that they are attractive a beautiful woman with many admirers a secret admirer2 ADMIREsomeone who respects a famous person, especially because they like their work syn fan a crowd of fervent admirersadmirer of ‘I’m a great admirer of yours, ’ she managed to stammer.
Examples from the Corpus
admirerThis is an essential purchase for any admirer of Barbirolli.I was an ardent admirer and supporter of MacBrayne's buses: they opened up the north-west for me.There are admirers of rugged grandeur who are content merely to survey the scene from easy points of vantage.Ironically James is a great admirer.Margaret had never met a man like this, even among her admirers in the Hamptons.It was deemed too heavy, but its styling had many admirers.My sister Mahaud, at the last count, had more admirers than there are Elks.A crowd of admirers had gathered outside Dunham's door.The news shocked his thousands of admirers.That makes this new release an exceptionally attractive one, and essential listening for this much-loved violinist's admirers.secret admirerSince Lisa has no family and virtually no friends, she becomes obsessed with tracking down her secret admirer.Item - Lady Eleanor was preparing to leave the priory and go to her secret admirer, but who was he?Who was her secret admirer or friend?While Lisa initially considers her not-too-secret admirer a little strange, she quickly falls under his spell.admirer ofI'm a real admirer of Robert Frost's poetry.
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