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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadmittedlyad‧mit‧ted‧ly /ədˈmɪtɪdli/ ●○○ adverb [sentence adverb]  ADMITused when you are admitting that something is true This has led to financial losses, though admittedly on a fairly small scale.
Examples from the Corpus
admittedlyYes, I have studied Japanese - though not for long, admittedly.None of them have the time, admittedly, but most are also lacking the aptitude.Not very funny admittedly - but true.The other three people all run around screaming - quite fast, admittedly, but you would hardly call it scuttling.He certainly helped to reshape a world whose future was admittedly hard to predict.Though admittedly I did feel a brief uneasiness when I remembered that odd floating movement of Sergia's.Admittedly I didn't get as much work done as I'd hoped this morning, but it should be finished soon.But I graduated and took a job with a law firm in Worcester, admittedly through family connections.But these were kept in a tall airy room, admittedly with a double door, in locked heavy glass cases.
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