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adopt an approach/policy/attitude etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadopt an approach/policy/attitude etcadopt an approach/policy/attitude etcDEAL WITHto start to deal with or think about something in a particular way The courts were asked to adopt a more flexible approach to young offenders. The store recently adopted a drug testing policy for all new employees. California has adopted a tough stance on the issue. adopt
Examples from the Corpus
adopt an approach/policy/attitude etcTheir purpose is to influence government to adopt policies favourable to them.No-Layoff Policies Perhaps the best way to secure union cooperation is to adopt a policy of no layoffs.Ultimately, planners adopted a policy of non-violence.He also agreed to adopt policies on affirmative action and ethics.Can a school board adopt a policy prohibiting dancing at school?It is very hard convincing powers like the World Bank to adopt policies that truly help the poorest.It is essential that these countries, too, adopt policies that will help to protect the Ozone Layer.This structure can neither impose law upon its members nor force one of them to adopt a policy with which it disagrees.
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