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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadopteda‧dopt‧ed /əˈdɒptɪd $ əˈdɑːp-/ adjective  1 SSFLOOK AFTER somebodyan adopted child has been legally made part of a family that he or she was not born into his adopted son2 CHOOSEyour adopted country is one that you have chosen to live in permanently
Examples from the Corpus
adoptedIf we believe this, I think it makes the challenge of bringing up adopted children an easier task.He had been roaming New Orleans, his adopted city, for two days.Another of Mia's children, 14-year-old Moses, repeated allegations that Allen had sexually abused his seven-year-old adopted daughter Dylan.The couple split up after Farrow saw nude pictures of her adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn, 21, taken by Allen.Robbie had never met any of Caro's adopted family.Even Bush's adopted home state of Texas gave Clinton a five percent lead.But Dan Crawley's adopted niece clearly shared Henry's faith in the equine world.The Browns have one adopted son.
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