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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadoptivea‧dop‧tive /əˈdɒptɪv $ əˈdɑːp-/ adjective [only before noun]  SSFan adoptive parent is one who has adopted a child
Examples from the Corpus
adoptiveShe was left thinking how hard he was driving himself for the sake of his adoptive family.Well, the time went on, and eventually they approved us as adoptive parents, and that was that.Second, whether adoptive parents could be found who are willing to take on this new challenge.The adoptive parents had made no comments to suggest that they realized the children were unhappy.Neither of the adoptive parents in these cases felt threatened by the contacts.Polreis' case has attracted attention among support networks for adoptive parents of troubled foreign children.I believe a great deal of advice is available to adoptive parents these days.In 1952 I was sent to a local convent school until I was eleven, although my adoptive parents were Protestants.
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