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adrenalina‧dren‧a‧lin, adrenaline /əˈdrenəl-ɪn/ noun [uncountable]  HBHMa chemical produced by your body when you are afraid, angry, or excited, which makes your heart beat faster There’s nothing like a good horror film to get the adrenalin going (=make you feel nervously excited).
Examples from the Corpus
adrenalinThere was no essential adrenalin flowing.A prickling sensation between my eyes made my nose run and white-hot adrenalin scalded the subcutaneous layer beneath my skin.It was a deliciously decadent daydream which stirred the blood, sending adrenalin pumping through his system.Yet sleepless adrenalin energy, like sixteen cups of coffee, makes for a certain wackiness.Although the adrenalin may flow, you owe it to yourself not to become carried away.The drinks did it, I know, and the adrenalin rush of the entire evening.The urgency kicks in, the adrenalin flows a bit faster, the pulse quickens.The feeling sent the adrenalin rushing around so fast that it threatened to wear me out before I got to my destination.get the adrenalin goingHe actually got the adrenalin going, forced the pendulum which had almost stopped to swing again.
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