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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadulterya‧dul‧ter‧y /əˈdʌltəri/ noun [uncountable]  UNFAITHFULsex between someone who is married and someone who is not their wife or husband She had committed adultery on several occasions.adulterous adjective
Examples from the Corpus
adulteryDo you know what Nabokov said about adultery in his lecture on Madame Bovary?Garth was found guilty of violating a lawful general regulation, indecent assault and adultery, and using indecent language.Monogamy is universal but adultery frequent.60% of men admit to committing adultery at some time during their marriages.She finally left her husband because of his adultery.Not only was the act of adultery wrong, but even a lustful look.Why then has the military insisted that adultery is a crime?But the teaching does treat adultery and divorce with the seriousness it deserves.committed adulteryA trickster who constantly committed adultery - and then left her facing a mountain of debt.He'd committed adultery with the wife of the local steward - the land agent for the lord of the manor.Had the woman committed adultery or not? they wondered.
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