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advance party/team

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvance party/teamadvance party/teamBEFOREa group of people who go first to a place where something will happen to prepare for it advance
Examples from the Corpus
advance party/teamHenkel made the change-and that resulted in an unusual problem for the advance team.One of Isambard's advance party, and by the cut of him a man of importance.I had flown out to Novosibirsk with the advance party at the beginning of September.Dawson felt as if he were the advance party for a dawn raid.In this they had the enthusiastic collaboration of professional media advance teams from both governments.Our advance party had done a big job.Fields was wearing a set of the new jungle fatigues and boots that the advance party had picked up for him.Some advance party with orders in preparation for Isambard's reception.
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