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advance planning/warning/booking etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvance planning/warning/booking etcadvance planning/warning/booking etcBEFOREplanning etc that is done before an event We received no advance warning of the storm. advance
Examples from the Corpus
advance planning/warning/booking etcHowever, Redmond and Manschreck acknowledged that they had not billed for or received any money for the advance planning.It will also repay advance bookings.Perhaps the most widely used online service is travel planning, both to research a destination and to do advance bookings.Significant moments in history do not happen without some kind of advance warning.For course details details and advance booking forms contact:.If we could list those we'd have advance warning of shortage problems on the assembly lines two months before they occur.The most obvious features are the tall watchtowers scattered across the Silk Road to provide advance warning of Xiongnu attack.
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