1 noun
ad‧vance1 S3 W2

in advance (of something)

before something happens or is expected to happen:
I should warn you in advance that I'm not a very good dancer.
Many thanks, in advance, for your help.
six months/a year etc in advance
Book tickets 21 days in advance.
Could you distribute copies well in advance of the meeting?

be in advance of somebody/something

to be more developed or modern than someone or something else:
Their aircraft were in advance of those used by the US.


[countable] a change, discovery, or invention that brings progress
technological/scientific/medical etc advance
one of the great technological advances of the 20th century
advance in
Recent advances in genetics have raised moral questions.
advance on
an advance on previous treatments
the advances made in the understanding of mental handicap

forward movement

[countable] forward movement or progress of a group of people - used especially to talk about soldiers
advance on
the enemy's advance on St. Petersburg


[countable usually singular] money paid to someone before the usual time, especially someone's salary:
a $500 advance
advance on
Krebs decided to ask for an advance on his salary.


[plural] formal an attempt to start a sexual relationship with someone:
She accused her boss of making advances to her.
The witness said that he 'went berserk' when she rejected his sexual advances.


[countable] an increase in the price or value of something - used especially to talk about the stock exchange

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