Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: avancier, from Vulgar Latin abantiare, from Latin abante 'before'


2 verb
Related topics: Chronology
advance2 W3

move forward

[intransitive] to move towards someone or something, especially in a slow and determined way - used especially to talk about soldiers:
A line of US tanks slowly advanced.
advance on
Troops advanced on the rebel stronghold (=moved towards it in order to attack it).
advance across/through/towards
The army advanced across the plain.


[intransitive and transitive] if scientific or technical knowledge advances, or if something advances it, it develops and improves:
Our understanding of human genetics has advanced considerably.
The group's research has done much to advance our knowledge of the HIV virus.


[transitive] to give someone money before they have earned it
advance somebody something
Will they advance you some money until your get your first paycheck?
advance something to somebody
I advanced $1,500 to Kramer last Thursday.

advance your career/a cause/your interests etc

to do something that will help you achieve an advantage or success for yourself or someone else:
Jameson agreed to the deal in an effort to advance his political career.


[intransitive] if the price or value of something advances, it increases - used especially when talking about the stock exchange


[transitive] formal to change the time or date when an event should happen to an earlier time or date:
The meeting has been advanced to ten o'clock.


TMC [intransitive and transitive] formal if you advance a film, clock, musical recording etc, or if it advances, it goes forward

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