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advancing years/age

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvancing years/ageadvancing years/ageOLD/NOT YOUNGthe fact of growing older Blake had grown much quieter – another sign of his advancing years. advancing
Examples from the Corpus
advancing years/ageChances of developing cancer increase with advancing age.Joshua hoped that Malone had learnt wisdom with his advancing years.Of course, I was only displaying the ultimately cliched boomer trait, a tortured denial of my own advancing years.On her deathbed Mary Leapor reportedly expressed concern for her father's advancing age.At your age, advancing years and all that.The risk of incapacitation increases with advancing years, and increases more rapidly after the age of 55.There are clear associations between advancing years and increasing disability, and this is particularly steep among the most elderly.The association between advancing years and increasing rates of disability is illustrated in Figure 7.Reasons put forth include his advancing age, the cumulative effect of thousands of hits and the decline of his offensive line.
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