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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadventad‧vent /ˈædvent/ ●○○ noun written   the advent of something
Examples from the Corpus
adventThis type of person continued to visit the island until the 1960s and the advent of air travel for all.The most alarming statistic was the state of the game before the advent of this precipitous decline.However, it was the advent of television which really transformed sportsmen.The advent of natural gas for use in the ammonia process occurred in the early 1970s.The advent of policy activism implied an adherence to policy rules radically different from those which had been applied previously.The advent of scientific thinking has institutionalised the idea that knowledge has to progress and can do so only through research.
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AdventAdvent noun [uncountable]  RRCthe period of four weeks before Christmas in the Christian religion
Examples from the Corpus
AdventBut what is the image Advent calls to our minds?These brief, moving sermons were based on the readings for the first week of Advent.Sometimes the second reading, usually made from the Apostolic writings, had the same theme especially in Lent or Advent.Dan, you were gon na get the Advent wreath.As we make the Advent journey the Sunday Liturgies are milestones along the road.When he finally went home, he saw the Tollemarche Advent.
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