Date: 1300-1400
Origin: Early French advers, from Latin adversus, past participle of advertere; ADVERT


1 not good or favourable:
They fear it could have an adverse effect on global financial markets.
Miller's campaign has received a good deal of adverse publicity.

adverse conditions

conditions that make it difficult for something to happen or exist:
The expedition was abandoned because of adverse weather conditions.
adversely adverb:
developments which had adversely affected their business
WORD FOCUS: difficult WORD FOCUS: difficult
difficult to do: hard, tough, challenging, daunting

difficult and needing a lot of physical effort: tough, strenuous, back-breaking, gruelling, arduous, punishing

difficult to deal with or talk about: tricky, awkward, delicate, sensitive, touchy

words for describing a difficult person: awkward, trying

words for describing difficult conditions: adverse, hostile

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