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advertisead‧ver‧tise /ˈædvətaɪz $ -ər-/ ●●○ S3 W3 verb [intransitive, transitive]  
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Examples from the Corpus
advertiseYoung smokers tend to buy the brands that are most heavily advertised.There was a big poster advertising a well-known brand of cola.It pays to advertise and many cleaner species employ dazzling stripes or have characteristic bobbing movements to draw attention to themselves.The concert was advertised in all the national newspapers.We are a small business so we can only afford to advertise in the local press."How did you find out about the new software?" "It was advertised on TV."Billboards all over town were advertising the upcoming state fair.A few neon signs are beginning to appear on the larger buildings advertising the usual Western wares such as Levi jeans.These companies advertise their products in magazines like Popular Electronics.be advertised as somethingAlmost any house in East Anglia is likely to be advertised as being located in Constable country.But while many rugs are advertised as machine washable, it isn't always that easy.If you continue to buy canvas boards, look for those which are advertised as non-warping.The redundant building was advertised as a potential business centre, equipped with offices and laboratory space.This new power to presume guilt of unspecified offences was advertised as a unique response to the unique evil of drug trafficking.advertise forBilltech is advertising for a marketing manager.
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