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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvertiserad‧ver‧tis‧er /ˈædvətaɪzə $ -vərtaɪzər/ noun [countable]  1 a person or company that advertises something2 Advertiser
Examples from the Corpus
advertiserIn a rough economy, they said, budgets shrivel and advertisers get stern and cautious.Suitable 80VA mains transformers should be stocked by most of our components advertisers.But audience size is by no means the only factor advertisers are interested in.The service also offers access to the products and services of important Journal advertisers.Today's proliferating new technologies seem to offer advertisers the chance to reach this holy grail.Agencies too easily assume that the competition for the brands and services they advertise comes from other advertisers.Now, pushed to produce a dummy for potential advertisers, Sutton had started interviewing and recruiting journalists.These listings have no connection with Weekly advertisers.
AdvertiserAdvertiserused in the names of newspapers the Stockport Advertiser advertiserFrom Longman Business Dictionaryadvertiserad‧ver‧tis‧er /ˈædvətaɪzə-vərtaɪzər/ noun [countable]MARKETING a person or organization that puts out an advertisementAdvertisers are targeting teenagers.
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