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advertising agency

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advertising agencyˈadvertising ˌagency noun [countable]  BBAa company that designs advertisements for other companies
Examples from the Corpus
advertising agencyAn engineering plant and an advertising agency are different and this difference will be reflected in their organisational design.This company, at first attached to an advertising agency, later became an independent public relations consultancy.Mather its advertising agency in charge of buying commercial spots on national radio networks.They worked at a large advertising agency together and decided to go out on their own.They know that these well-tried and tested ways work, and do not need a scientist or advertising agency to sell them.The advertising agency and the ratings drive programming.All, apparently, were the work of a Toronto advertising agency with money to burn.
From Longman Business Dictionaryadvertising agencyˈadvertising ˌagency (also ad agency)MARKETINGORGANIZATIONS a business that gives advice to companies about how they should advertise their products, and produces advertisements for themHe is planning director at the advertising agency J. Walter Thompson. agency
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