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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadvisoryad‧vi‧so‧ry1 /ədˈvaɪzəri/ ●○○ adjective  ADVISEhaving the purpose of giving adviceadvisory committee/body the Environmental Protection Advisory Committeeadvisory role/capacity He was employed in a purely advisory role.
Examples from the Corpus
advisoryThe commission charged is usually lower than for advisory and discretionary business.The department emphasised last night that it had agreed to meet Acas in its advisory capacity.the Environmental Protection Advisory CommitteeWe hope our advisory group will help us clarify our responses to these and other questions during the consultative process.The role of the ergonomist is essentially an advisory one.Just 15 percent of shows containing violence carried an advisory or content code at the beginning of the program.The current restructuring of the advisory service provides a timely opportunity to address some of these issues.The school is visited by a competent advisory service.However, the issues here will now need to be considered by governing bodies as well as advisory staff.advisory committee/bodyHe served on a Commerce Department technical advisory committee.The Pentagon is currently drawing up a new list of project proposals, to be evaluated by a scientific advisory committee.They also help design the curriculum through their role on advisory committees.The advisory committee report did little to resolve the mystery surrounding Gulf War illness.Households are also staying in temporary accommodation for longer periods, a report to Middlesbrough Council's homeless advisory committee reveals.Two practitioner-based advisory bodies were also assembled.There is also a national advisory body, without executive powers, the Bishops' Committee on Church Music.
advisoryadvisory2 noun (plural advisories) [countable] American English  an official warning or notice that gives information about a dangerous situation The State Department issues travel advisories about conditions overseas.From Longman Business Dictionaryadvisoryad‧vis‧o‧ry1 /ədˈvaɪzəri/ adjective existing to give advice or having the purpose of giving adviceHe is a member of Franklin’s investment advisory board.She resigned as president, but will continue in an advisory capacity.advisoryadvisory2 noun [countable] a warning sent out by a government department, a company, or an official organizationMicrosoft has issued an advisory, warning users of a security flaw in one of its operating systems.The Michigan Department of Community Health released an advisory against eating wild turkey meat.
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