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aerobaticsaer‧o‧bat‧ics /ˌeərəˈbætɪks, ˌeərəʊ- $ ˌerə-/ noun [plural]  TTAtricks done in a plane that involve making difficult or dangerous movements in the air
Examples from the Corpus
aerobaticsBy another week, flying aerobatics had become his number-one new game.And make no mistake about it, formation aerobatics are not for the faint of heart.None the less, Ace hoped that Daak's flamboyant display of aerobatics had dislodged whatever creature had been on the hull.Gregarious, flocks often hawking for flying insects and spiralling up to perform aerobatics.Practising aerobatics and spinning will help to overcome any misgivings you may have about flying in steep turns at low speeds.Birds of prey must be attracted from miles away by the spectacular aerobatics.Performing high-speed aerobatics in close formation, low to the ground, increased those risks many fold.Less given to aerobatics than Bar-tailed Godwit.
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